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Mycelium Furniture

Mycelium has been on the design table for a while now and many artists, architects, and designers have begun showing off what they have achieved. Below are some examples of this work.

Sebastian Cox

MYCELIUM+TIMBER comprises a series of stools and lights, made using freshly cut wood waste which has been myceliated with the species Fomes fomentarius. Each piece is created by the mycelium as it grows and binds the green wood waste together around purpose made frames to form lightweight, incredibly strong and completely compostable pieces of design.


Grown Bio is a biotechnology company creating high performance and natural products that are safe and sustainable. They support working together with nature by growing eco-friendly materials out of mycelium and local agricultural rest-streams.

Alea Josi Leeprowse

Myco-fabrication utilizes the growth of mycelium, the root structure of fungi, to create materials from organic waste. Back to dirt expands on this process by using local soil as a mold to grow objects.



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