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Mush Map

The concept of the Mush Map is to raise public awareness and interest in native species of Mushrooms (and other edible or medicinal plants) by providing a trail map, pointing out different species of Mushrooms and plants that can be found along the way, depending on the trees and microenvironments present in the local area. 

The idea is that members of the public will be able to follow a treasure hunt-style map on a trail through the forest to find, identify, and safely forage native mushrooms all year around. 

The Mush map itself, along with hand-carved signs along the way, will provide information on the different species, including how to safely identify them, the time of year when they should be found, and what they can be used for. 

Not only will the Mush map boost the confidence of those wanting to safely and responsibly forage mushrooms, but will also help to increase the local biodiversity and teach the public about the important role mycelium has in keeping the forest healthy and in the battle against climate change

As passionate advocates for the mental health benefits of nature, especially the forest – the mush map will be part of a wider project where we will be working with the local community, and outreach programs to get disadvantaged members of society into the forest. We hope (with permission) to responsibly introduce and increase the yield of native mushrooms into the forest by inoculating fallen and felled logs – this would ensure that mushrooms can be found in abundance on the Mush map trail (whenever the seasonal conditions allow.) 

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