The Spirit of the Mushroom

Mushrooms, especially the ‘magic’ type have been associated with spirituality for as long as they have been documented for human use. At the Yama Project, we believe that all mushrooms are magic – the world as we know it simply wouldn’t exist without the mycelium that knits it all together underground. – As above so below.

Hundreds, if not thousands of mushroom species have the seemingly magical effect of curing human illnesses and diseases as well as providing rich nutrients for us to thrive.

Not only do humans benefit from mushrooms. It is thought that mycelium travels between trees in the forest, carrying nutrients from one to the other…

Here at Yama Project, we want to encapsulate the spirit of the mushroom, and what better way to do that than through facilitating creative projects embedded with a multitude of ways to use mushrooms in all its forms?

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